Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Survival Guide

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Holiday Survival Guide:

We all know that the holidays are a crazy time filled with temptations and falling back into old habits with old friends. Here are five easy tips to avoid eating gluten and dairy during the whirlwind of roast pigs, dancing cookies, and cheese trays.

1) Don't be afraid to ask for the menu ahead of time. 

  This way, if you need to bring your own substitutes, you can do this! If they are planning on making sandwiches, you can bring your own bread. If they are planning on making pizzas, you can bring your own crust!

2) Request that vegetable sides be made without butter.

  Many parties are guilty of taking a perfectly good vegetable side dish and floating it in butter. They can still add the butter before the dish hits the table, but you can scoop out some of the veggies before dairy goes near it.

3) Steer clear of all gravies!

  Gravy is created by adding flour/cornstarch to the meat drippings, they can also be finished with cream. It's also very high in sodium and many people will create more gravy through the use of bullion which contains MSG.

4) Bring your own side.

  If you are concerned that there will not be a side that you are able to eat, offer to bring your own side. Make sure that which ever side you choose to bring will fill you up. I have spent many parties munching on my own Texas Caviar and fresh fruit.

5) Hit up those fruit and veggie trays!

  Raw fruits and vegetables are get ways to fill up before the main meal. Plus, when everyone else is munching on their cheese, crackers, and pretzel, you won't feel tempted to break your GF/DF lifestyle. (Cheese is always my downfall, Wisconsin is known for their cheese. Yum... Cheese)

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