Saturday, November 23, 2013

Master Schedule

Thanksgiving Week Master Schedule


  • Print any new recipes
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Wash and prep fruits and veggies
  • Begin to Thaw Turkey
  • Roast Squash in oven
  • Check bread crumbs.  If not stale enough, bake on pan sheet in oven at 350F shaking every 5 minutes until stale.
  • Set Table
Thursday: BIG DAY

1000 AM: Prep turkey and place in oven
1015 AM: Cranberry Sauce
1100 AM: Complete the final discount double check
1115 AM: Clean up around house and kitchen
1130 AM: Start reheating all the pre made sides
1200 PM: Assemble the fruit and veggie trays
1215 PM: Reheat Stuffing Step 1
1230 PM: Mix in Stuffing Step 1 to Stuffing Step 2
1230 PM: Begin to boil potatoes
1245 PM ISH: Take the turkey from the oven to rest for 30 minutes
1245 PM: Make Gravy / Reheat Other sides
0100 PM: Make Mashed Potatoes
0115 PM: Carve turkey

I know that seeing Thursday might seem like a lot to do on one day, but it doesn't take 15 minutes to start the cranberry sauce or boil water, its just that 15 minute increments are easier for everyone.  Also, most of your work is done on the other days, so you are really only reheating and dishing out your sides. Hope your Thanksgiving goes smoothly!  Recipes are coming tomorrow ; )

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